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L2 is a non-profit organization who believes in helping our community play basketball.  Our tournaments are only $125.00. A low price, high quality option to the other local tournaments. 


It's hot outside. Why not enjoy the air conditioning.

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L2 Sports

  Training and Development

We believe in low-cost and effective training and development.  At a low monthly rate of only $60.00, we offer training in an air conditioned environment and not in a random park.

L2 Sports is a non-profit organization designed to provide young men an opportunity to participate in the sport of basketball while gaining valuable life skills that will improve their quality of life.  Our director has devoted his time and resources to create an organization of excellence that centers around the development and well-being of each student athlete involved with the program.  

Our coaching staff takes a team centered approach that is instilled in the players within the organization. It is important that players, their families and their supporters understand the importance and display a willingness to accept assigned roles. Teaching young men to put team goals in front of their individual goals is a difficult task. However, it becomes a great asset that will lead to success both on and off the floor.